Our services

Clients monitoring

Every company needs a tool for monitoring the portfolio of the clients. This tool is sending alert e-mails to the responsible persons in the company when an event occurs. This can be optimized to send only selected information to certain users and for specific list of clients.

Clients’ portfolio diagnostic

With the clients’ portfolio diagnostic, we can have a full picture of the portfolio of our clients by location, activity, level of risk etc. We can identify the dynamic of each client taking into consideration the risk factor (clients with good potential and clients with higher risk). This is recommended at the beginning of the project.

Data Cleaner

The data cleaner is the solution to update the list of the clients taking into consideration the legal status, the activity, the size and the risk.

Payment Incident Report

This report checks the specific client for payment incidents.

Local Reports

  • New Client report
    This is a high quality report that provides automated analysis and concludes to a risk rating and a Credit Limit recommendation.
  • Standard report
    Standard report is recommended for a quick assessment before visiting a new prospect.
  • Premium Local Report
    This is a very high quality report prepared by Financial Analysts. It is recommended for clients that require further investigation and includes also payment behavior.

International report

This is a high quality report for international customers and strategic partners. Reports are available for most the countries and can be delivered in English, French or German.

Marketing Lists

A list of potential clients (targets) can be designed for the salespeople of the company taking into consideration a number of criteria like the activity, the location, the turnover, the profit and the risk.

Diagrams Companies, Shareholders & Administrators

This is a report that can be created and give us a clear picture about the shareholders and the administrators and their relation with other companies.

Soft Collection

Soft Collection is the process to get faster the payment of invoices through a specialized team that speed the payment while maintaining respectful and courteous relationships with the bad payers.

Legal Collection

When soft collection is not appropriate or when the company will certainly go in Insolvency, it is urgent to use legal services to collect partially or totally non paid invoices.

My Commercial Credit Assistant

My CCA is a solution for SMEs to have access to the tools and have a specialized assistant that works on line and few hours per months to coordinate the different solutions and reports the improvement.
My CCA also is the solution to manage the vacation or maternity leave of the company credit manager.

Commercial Credit Consultancy

As your Commercial Credit Advisor, we provide full assessment of the company internal process and we help the GM of the company to set up new process and new KPIs within the company. The results are measured by an increase of the sales and cash flows and a decrease of the DSO – Days Sales Outstanding.