A&S Credit Analysis is a Commercial Credit Advisor and its mission is to advise its clients to implement the solutions and to access the tools to secure their business by decreasing the risk of non-payment.

Our experience comes from our years of management in the construction business and the trading of goods when we have faced numerous situations of non-payment.
To achieve the objective to protect the company of risk of non-payment, we carefully assess the weaknesses of the company and we provide the solutions and the tools for companies to mitigate their risk of non-payment and to develop their business.

As a Commercial Credit Advisor, we provide in one unique platform an access to the best market solutions covering the assessment of a client to the debt collection or factoring and commercial credit insurance solutions.

A&S Credit Analysis company’s partners are having 20+ years, experience in top managerial positions in production, distribution, construction and commercial companies. For all these years, Commercial Credit Management is part of our daily business. We faced the same issues that our clients are facing and our experience and our commitment helps our clients to mitigate the risk of non-payment. We have the AnSwers to your questions for the commercial credit.